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We Bring the Studio to You, but, in addition, we provide our clients the following Unique Factors that separate us from other photographers in the area: 

  • The Time we spend with you beforehandto get to know you, find out exactly what you are looking for and what you want your portrait to be like.  We help with your clothing decisions, locations, and coordinate everything, so your portraits are perfect in every detail, because we planned it that way.
  • Our desire to create a Portrait that "Speaks" to you - that every time you look at it, you will feel the love of those in the image and how much they mean to you.
  • We want to create for you a portrait that is More Beautiful than you Dreamed it would be.  It truly is priceless, because it says what words really cannot say.  It has put onto paper something that is almost spiritual, that expresses your feelings toward the ones you love.
  • We really understand that Most People don't feel comfortable in front of a camera.  We are aware of this fact, and work carefully with you to help everyone in the portraits feel good, and have a fun time during the session.
  • We do Fewer Sessions than most photographers in the area.  We do this so we can take more time and create something really meaningful to you, rather than rushing you through like a factory
  • We have a wide selection of props, accessories, and costume pieces available, as well as "Virtual-Reality", Traditional, and Digital Composite Backgrounds, making your session truly a one-of-a-kind portrait creating experience.
  • We come to you for the preview showing, presenting Projected Images in your home so you can see how proper size of your portraits will relate to the decor of the room they will be displayed in.
  • Carl Ballou is Film-Based Trained (pre-digital technology) learning the importance of lighting, composition, posing, and "Getting it right in the camera" rather than relying on digital manipulation to "fix" bad images.
  • As a PhotoShop Specialist, Carl has learned enhancement techniques to make every one of our clients look wonderful in their portraits.  Whether it is opening eyes, cleaning up blemishes, removing stray hairs, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating distracting elements, adding artistic touches, or altering backgrounds, each of our finished portraits is a work of art of lasting beauty.
  • We absolutely Guarantee that you will be thrilled (not just satisfied) with your finished portraits, or we will retake, reprint, or do everything in our power to make you happy, including give you all your money back.